• What are Conflict Diamonds?

    Conflict diamonds are diamonds used to fund military action by rebel armies opposed to legitimate and internationally recognised governments. These conditions are prominent in Central and West African areas such as Sierra Leone. Rebels use inhumane methods to extract diamonds from these regions. Eliminating this human rights crisis is a top priority for our government and the global diamond industry, as well as the United Nations, and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs).

    Our Conflict Free Diamond Policy

    At Leonné, we adhere to a strict, zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Leonné only deals with highly reputable and well-known diamond suppliers who participate in the System of Warranties and follow the guidelines of the Kimberley Process.

    All diamonds provided by Leonné are obtained through legitimate sources, and are conflict free.

    The World Diamond Council was formed in 2000 to help stop the trade of conflict diamonds. Governments as well as nongovernmental organisations have adopted the Kimberley Process to police trade lines and aide in banning the sale of conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process, which came into operation on January 1, 2003 is a system to ensure every rough diamond crossing the border is certified conflict free by a strict system of forgery-resistant documents and serial numbers. This process has helped make more than 99% of all diamonds traded in the industry conflict free.

    If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your diamond purchase, please contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to assist you.

  • Our Stance on Conflict Gold

    We understand the environmental and socio-economic impact that conflict gold mining practices have on our world. We, along with other leaders of the retail jewellery industry, have made a commitment to call for more responsible mining of gold and other precious metals.


    Leonné believes in complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind, therefore, your engagement ring purchase is backed by our Two year warranty. As a jewellery manufacturing company, Leonné has the advantage of closely inspecting each ring at several intervals through the various stages of production. All our jewellery is computer designed and finished with superior craftsmanship. We guarantee that the product you receive is perfect in appearance and structure.

    Leonné recommends to insure your ring for the possibility of loss /loss of precious stones, theft or accidental damage. If at any time your purchase requires repairs, Leonné will gladly inspect your Jewellery and provide an evaluation. If the issue is determined to be the cause of manufacturing defect, we will address the repairs at no cost to you. However, a nominal fee will apply if it is determined the damage was caused by wear and tear, accidental, misuse, or improper service performed by someone other than Leonné.